About Us

We envision a world where all communities are connected to vital information and opportunities to support their economic and social development.

To turn our vision into a reality; we connect Social Enterprises to human talent, financial capital, and technical solutions to launch and scale the next generation of poverty fighting Impact Apps! We believe Impact Apps have the power to deliver tools to communities that promote bottom up development and follow the timeless philosophy of Lao Zi 老子.

For early stage social enterprises, our Impact App Incubator has been designed to turn a basic idea into a fully tested, scaleable and fundable Impact App. We support early stage teams with our global network of human capital to design, develop and pilot their Impact app by following our 10 step program. Our first client to enter the Incubator is teleStory, an mEducation Impact App that empowers illiterate parents to read to their children for the first time.

We are currently searching for 5 more start-up social enterprises to join our incubator program for 2017. If you would like to learn more on how your team can join, register your interest today!  

For more established social enterprises, we offer Project Management Services to deliver tailored solutions. Our services focus on deploying human capital and leveraging the Mandala Community to drive design, development and distribution solutions in addition to general business solutions such as fundraising and financial accounting.

Our first client for Mandala Services is Magic Bus Ticketing, an mTransportation Impact App that is transforming the Kenyan bus system via their ticketing platform. Mandala Group successfully supported Magic Bus to raise $1Million seed capital and win the 2016 Hult Prize.  

If you would like to discuss with a member of our team about your specific needs and explore the possibilities of hiring Mandala Group as your support partner, please contact us today! 

With access to talented human capital, financial resources, and technical solutions, Mandala Group brings Impact Apps to life. Our community provides a holistic solution to Impact App teams and connects key industry stakeholders together to promote a collaborative ecosystem.