Every Child Deserves A Bedtime Story

"Once upon a time..." Do these four magical words bring back warm childhood memories?


Thinking back to our childhoods, some of our fondest moments were snuggling in bed as our parents read our favourite bedtime story for the thousandth time. These warm family moments are what bond us together, and provide inspiration for creative and adventurous childhood dreams.

However, you may be surprised to learn that as we explored Peter Pan’s or Snow White's world, a lot was going on in our little heads. In fact, as 3 or 4 year old’s, our parents were doing us a huge favour for our later life.

Studies have repeatedly shown that reading aloud to children is the best way  to develop the necessary skills for future literacy. Sharing bedtime stories works wonders for expanding vocabulary, inspiring creativity and curiosity, whilst building logic and many more skills.

Unfortunately “Once upon a time…” and all the benefits of bedtime stories doesn't exist for millions. Today, there are an estimated 750 million illiterate adults worldwide.

Illiteracy is a huge factor when it comes to determining an individual's economic prosperity. Academic research has proven the inter-generational transmission of illiteracy and its close link to poverty. In layman’s terms, an illiterate mother or father is going to be putting their child at a disadvantage from birth because they are unable to read to their child.

This is what teleStory aims to solve. By a simple offline app, parents can use their mobile phones to connect with a database of audio books that will allow them to read along with their children to their favourite books.

The power of the mobile phone astounds us every day, and we look forward to making more powerful connections with its help in the future.