A Day With Detao

When Jennifer, a third year student from the Institute of Swiss International Branding, contacted me about doing a workshop on Mandala Group’s brand, I was initially taken aback.



As a co-founder of a social enterprise, what did I know about branding?


But as I researched more about the school and the ‘social branding’ course that I was going to speak on, I realised that I could talk about social branding and the way we bring Mandala Group’s brand to life, for days.


It’s unbelievable how much you can learn about yourself and the work you’re doing by putting it down on paper and teaching someone.


And this was the case with the workshop I gave at ISIB.


I realised that Mandala Group’s brand isn’t about a cool design or product, it’s about a lifestyle.


At Mandala Group, we live our brand. Community is at the centre of everything that we do in our work, and in our everyday lives. We work in a coworking space to expand our network and professional community, we live in a coliving space to ensure our team is the strongest it can be, and we attend as many community events as we can so that we’re part of the social enterprise community.


A big thank you to Jennifer and the team at ISIB for approaching me for this workshop.