The Potluck Club X Mandala Group

Food is vital to our survival. But, as well as survival, food is pure joy.

Food makes us happy, comforts us, surprises us, and fulfills us.

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If you can’t tell already, I love food. I love the moments that surround food too.

The act of coming together around a table for a meal, no matter how casual or formal, has the potential to change your life.

That tradition that is so ingrained in societies across the world, can be the vehicle for learning new information, creating closer relationships, changing your long held opinions, or experiencing a small comfort from simply being near someone at the end of a long day.

All of these wonderful things can happen around a table of food.

Which is why I found The Potluck Club’s message so powerful. Take that same vehicle for conversation and communication, and apply it to new people, a new project, a new place.

I met Viki Poon, founder of The Potluck Club, through mutual friends upon my arrival in Shanghai. Ironically, we met around a large table of Chinese grub and new people, and we discovered a shared passion and appreciation for delicious food around the world.

Last weekend, The Potluck Club and Mandala Group joined forces to introduce their new agricultural project, moFarm, a management app to help farmers better communicate with farming cooperatives to create trust, transparency, and organisation within China’s enormous industry.

The way The Potluck Club works, is that everyone that attends brings a plate of food to share, and then guests can eat a meal and mingle with new people, potentially meeting someone with a new idea, a valuable contact, or a fresh perspective.

I now know there are so many cool projects happening in the Chinese agricultural sector, and I’ve made valuable contact with several people doing amazing work in the industry.

And that is all thanks to food, and The Potluck Club!

For anyone interested in attending the next Potluck Club event, get in touch with Viki at