Callum Porter-Harris, Co-Founder & CEO

Callum views social enterprise as the intersection of three of his favourite things - travel, volunteering and entrepreneurship. He launched Mandala Group in 2015 with the aim of providing a unified platform for impact apps to flourish. 

In five years, Callum envisions Mandala Group as a global community that will produce wave after wave of impact apps.

Callum studied economics at Royal Holloway University, and is the Global Director of Hult Prize Foundation.



James da Costa, Co-Founder & Community Manager

James is passionate about people, technology, and social good. James entered the social space looking to bring these elements together, holding the belief that technology can ameliorate the lives of millions worldwide.

James enjoys to travel to unique locations to challenge his own ideas and perceptions, including places like North Korea, Mongolia and Zimbabwe.

James hopes that Mandala Group will continue to be a leader in the 'mobile for development' space, creating relevant innovations that serve a social purpose.

James graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in economics and is the Regional Director and UK National Director of Hult Prize Foundation.


Ben Quartermaine, Co-Founder & Project Manager

A commerce and economics graduate from the University of Western Australia, Ben turned to social enterprise as a way to combine his interest in business with his drive to do good.

Ben starts his day with a bullet proof coffee and hopes to one day be a qualified yoga instructor.

Ben wants to see Mandala Group become the industry leader for impact apps, and hopes to be a mentor to other startups looking to enter the world of social enterprise.

Mandala Members

To support our core team, we have a community of flexible Mandala Members, ranging from university students to industry leaders, from tech developers to financial professionals. Our Mandala Members work on a freelance basis online or on the ground during one of our Impact App accelerator programs.