How We Fight Poverty!

Mandala Group is a social enterprise that is building a home for Impact Apps.

Specifically, we support social entrepreneurs to design, develop, and distribute impact apps globally.

Currently, we offer incubation and consultancy services to Impact App Teams. Ultimately, our aim is to build the World's First Impact App Store for the Bottom Billion.

What is an Impact App?

  • A Mobile phone based tool that connects users to vital Information; either via the Android based app for a smartphone or via IVR/USSD based app for your feature phone (old Nokia phone).

Impact apps are powerful as they connect people to information and opportunities and they are inclusive as they don't strictly require the user to have a smartphone or intent connection. This is vital for the 4 billion people who currently live in the offline world.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
— Lao Zi 老子

Mandala Education - The Knowledge on how to use a fishing rod

Mandala Finance - The Financial Ability to purchase a fishing rod

Mandala Health - The Physical Capability to use a fishing rod

At Mandala, our core philosophy drives us to support Impact Apps from a range of industries. We feel to end poverty we need solutions to work together as they solve a wide range of social issues! As such, we have our own internal core focus on developing the next of mEducation, mFinance & mHealth solutions.

At Mandala Group we refuse to wait for tomorrow! 

As such, we are the worlds first impact app store for the bottom billion, to ensure that all members of society can access poverty fighting tools and take their first step to joining a better connected world.