What is an impact app?

Impact Apps are powerful mobile applications that connect low-income communities to vital services such as healthcare, education and finance.

Mandala Group believes that the dramatic rise in access to mobile phones across the developing world has provided social entrepreneurs with a grand opportunity to connect millions of communities to vital services. By leveraging the mobile phone, we can digitally bridge the physical barriers, which have kept disconnected communities in the dark for too long.

Mobile phones don't just let us stay in touch, they help improve lives. From farming to digital banking, improving access to important impact apps, will help communities build better, more prosperous lives.

We have built more than five different impact apps, improving the lives of over 100,000 people across Kenya, India and China.


moFarm is Mandala Group's latest project, that focuses on Chinese agriculture and food tech. moFarm aims to create better communication between farming cooperatives and small plot farmers by a simple management app that cooperative managers will use to send orders, updates and farming tips through to their farmer clients.

In implementing moFarm, we aim to grow trust and transparency in the country's agricultural industry.



teleStory was Mandala Group's first impact app. teleStory combines modern cloud telephony services and mobile phones so that illiterate parents can be empowered to read to their illiterate children for the first time.

Here's how this impact app works. Parents simply borrow a book, call teleStory's number. enter the book ID, and begin the teleStory lesson navigating via their keypad.

Working closely with over 50 pre-schools across India, teleStory has enabled over 1500 children to read for the first time with their parents.


MCOCO is an online marketplace for coconut farmers and coconut sourcing companies in Kenya. MCOCO leapfrogs predatory middlemen by facilitating collection of produce via the mobile phone app, effectively doubling a farmer's income.

Farmers are able to connect with urban marketplaces and agree on a price that both parties are happy with, empowering the farmers and ensuring them a higher wage.



A direct result of the 2016 Hult Prize Challenge, BuuPass (formerly Magic Bus) was born from a challenge to better connect people to goods, services and resources.

BuuPass was one of the projects that Mandala Group has consulted on.

BuuPass is a simple transport solution, providing people in Kenya with the means of getting from A to B efficiently by way of an online ticket booking site.

BuuPass allows people in Kenya to book secure, reliable transportation from the comfort of their own home.