Our Weapon Against Poverty

The Mobile Phone

Connectivity is productivity
— Iqbal Quadir, Founder of GrameenPhone

Societies thrive when they are connected!

At Mandala, we believe that the dramatic rise in access to mobile phones across the developing world has provided Social Entrepreneurs with a grand opportunity to connect millions of communities to vital services such as education, healthcare and financial services. By leveraging the Mobile phone, we can digitally bridge the physical barriers, which have kept disconnected communities in the dark for too long! 

Impact App Case Study: teleStory

teleStory: Is an mEducation Impact App that helps illiterate parents to read to their children for the first time. teleStory stores audio lessons on a cloud computer that match with a corresponding physical children's book. Families are trained on how to access the lessons via their mobile phone and borrow books via our NGO partners. With a simple phone call, an illiterate mother can now begin to read to her young child. Click here to Read More.

How Mobile Phones Can Transform Lives

Mobile phones don't just let us stay in touch, they help improve lives. From farming to digital banking, improving access to mobile phones - especially for women - will help families and communities build better, more prosperous lives.

A selection of Impact Apps that Inspire Mandala

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