Our Story

Mandala Group's story began in 2015, when Callum entered the Hult Prize competition with teleStory, an offline app that helped illiterate mothers in India to read to their children for the first time. teleStory earned second place, and ignited the Mandala Movement.

Shortly after Callum along with James and Ben began their mission to create tech products that would benefit communities lacking in basic healthcare, education and financial services.

Today, Mandala Group is a Fobes 30 Under 30 company. We have built and consulted on a range of inspiring apps, applied across Kenya, India and China, having raised over 1 million USD for our portfolio companies. 

Core Team


Mandala Members

To support our core team, we have a community of flexible Mandala Members, ranging from university students to industry leaders, from tech developers to financial professionals. Our Mandala Members work on a freelance basis online or on the ground during one of our Impact App accelerator programs.

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