We envision a world where all communities are connected to vital information and opportunities to support their economic and social development.


Mandala Group is currently based in Shanghai, a vibrant melting pot of a city with a prominent social enterprise scene. After three years of hard work, Mandala Group is at the centre of this community.

Mandala Group's story began in 2014, when our leader and CEO, Callum Porter-Harris entered the Hult Prize with his project, teleStory, an offline app that helped illiterate mothers in India to read to their children for the first time. teleStory earned second place, and encouraged Callum to continue his journey into social entrepreneurship.

Mandala Group was founded in 2015, and Callum, along with two co-founders, James da Costa and Ben Quartermaine, began their mission to create tech products that would benefit communities lacking in basic healthcare, education and financial services.

Today, Mandala Group has built and consulted on a range of inspiring apps, applied in places like Kenya, India and China.